A congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Funday School - Grades 1-5

Christian Education

This programs unique approach provides an environment that stimulates and enriches a childs faith as they embark on their personal journey with God.

Rotation through each learning center offers a different way of learning and helps reinforce each storys message. This method captures and maintains the interest of children grades 1 through 5. All activities are designed and suited to a childs specific age group. The school year (September through May) consists of multi-week sessions with each story/lesson reflecting a central theme.

Learning Center Descriptions:

ARTS & CRAFTS: Children engage in various craft projects aligned with the story of that session.
AUDIO VISUAL (A/V): Children watch a movie and participate in conversation related to the storys theme.
COMPUTER: Children work on computers with biblical software and other online resources to learn about the story for that session.
DRAMA: Children listen to stories, participate in role playing or watch a puppet show.
MUSIC: Children will learn fun songs and prepare for both a Christmas and Spring program.
TEMPLE (bible story): Children learn the message through a traditional classroom approach of storytelling, games, puzzles and/or history.

Talking points, supplies, and all equipment are provided for all of the above activities.

Children between grades 1 through 5 who want to engage in God's Word. Opportunity for children to interact with other children of faith. Adults or High School youth who want to teach and share the Word of God and share their personal faith experiences with children. Teachers can select one or more multi-week sessions and learning technique suitable to their gifts and talents. Helpers and Shepherds serve one school year and supervise a particular age group.

Coordinators provide program information and materials.
Helpers and Shepherds assist with discipline and activities.
Pastoral Staff provides spiritual guidance and support.

Up to 1 hr


Weekend AM, Sunday 9:45am

Patty Moyer

(847) 548-6370

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