A congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Altar Care


Participate in the preparation of worship. Dress altar and prepare communion ware for worship services with communion. Responsibilities include placing the appropriate color paraments on the altar and pulpit; setting up the wine and bread; having linens cleaned as needed; checking oil in candles and acolyte's candle lighters; and removing and cleaning communion ware after last service. Tasks can be shared or divided among members on the team.

Someone who likes to praise and connect with God in a personal way. A person who shares their faith with others through worship.

Training by pastoral staff and existing team members. Schedule and volunteer information provided by Church Office. Calendar of communion Sundays and parament color information available. Please note: Volunteers are responsible for finding replacements if unable to attend on the scheduled date to ensure continuity and coverage. Notify office staff of any changes.

Up to 1 hr

As Needed

Varies, Sunday

Church Office


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