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Acolytes participate in the worship service under the direction and support of the pastoral staff. Arrive early to robe for worship with the appropriate color and medallion (assistance provided). Light the appropriate candles for the worship and extinguish after worship. Receive the offering plates and place on altar. For services where Holy Communion is served, hold trays of individual cups of wine. The pastor will discuss any special needs for the service with the acolytes before worship begins.

Youth members of the congregation are assigned as Acolytes once they enter the 6th Grade and stay on the schedule through 8th Grade when they complete confirmation. This is a positive opportunity for them to share their faith with others through worship.

Training is provided by pastoral staff or office staff. The church office sets the initial schedule and maintains the list of youth participating.

Please note: Parents of Acolytes are responsible for finding replacements or swapping dates if they are unable to attend on their scheduled date to ensure continuity and coverage. Swapping is encouraged to give all children a chance to participate. Notify office staff of any changes.

Up to 1 hr

As Needed

Weekend AM, Sunday

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