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Altar Flowers


Members may commemorate a happy occasion or the memory of a loved one by purchasing flowers for the altar. You are welcome to take the flowers home with you after the last service. Please return the vase to the church office after you have enjoyed the bouquet.

You may note your request for altar flowers on the bulletin board across from the office.

Special potted altar flowers are requested for Christmas (poinsettia) and Easter (spring flowers). Order forms for the holiday flowers will be provided during the appropriate time of year.

Someone who celebrates God's beautiful gift of flowers and wishes to share this celebration with others.

The Holy Cross office staff purchases the altar bouquets from Buss Florist at a cost of $25 per bouquet. Please make checks payable to Holy Cross Church and include the words 'altar flowers' in the memo. The church is asked to return the vases to keep the price affordable.

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As Needed


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