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Celebrate the Gift of Music

Music at Holy Cross

Begun in 1997, the purpose of the AROUND THE CROSS Series at Holy Cross is to supplement the worship ince the very beginning, Holy Cross has always been very proud of and strongly supported its musical ministry. Our music program both serves and leads. Music is integral to our worship services providing yet an additional way of worshiping God. The purpose of the music ministry at Holy Cross is to support the Word as preached from the pulpit, as read from the lessons, and as taught in Sunday school. Music greatly enhances the worship life of the congregation through its active involvement in the services.

Our Organ

The most visible sign of the importance of music at Holy Cross is its pipe organ, which enjoys a very prominent position as exemplified by a colorful array of pipes and the position of the organ console in the front of the sanctuary. All who enter the sanctuary are confronted by organ pipes of flaming copper. The acquisition of this fine instrument indicates that music was an integral part of the founding of Holy Cross and continues to be an attraction to new members. Learn more about our organ,

The Choral Library

A second crucial barometer of the importance of music at Holy Cross is almost invisible. This vital entity is its choral library. The ever-growing choral library contains over 500 anthems and 50 major works, and is housed subtly in the sanctuary. Much of the music in the library possesses two important qualities: It is "singable" and its texts are related to lessons assigned for the worship services. "Singability" is an illusive, nebulous, and profoundly important characteristic for any piece of vocal music to have. It means, more or less, that a given piece may be comprehended and executed with a reasonable and appropriate amount of effort. Many of the works in the choral library at Holy Cross were composed in the 20th century, but composers from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras are also represented. A handful of Bach cantatas reside in the library and their presence is growing.

Our Choirs

A direct result of the fine choral library at Holy Cross is its outstanding, all-volunteer adult choir. This choir, made up of singers in ages ranging from 15 to 85, performs every Sunday between Labor Day and Memorial and for special services such as Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday. The choir meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 for 90 minutes and covers a wealth of material that, in addition to covering a variety of styles and enhancing the services, is neither too hard nor too easy to sing.

A distinctive feature of the choir at Holy Cross is that its members sit with their families during the services, but gather at the front of the sanctuary and sing at the appropriate time in worship. From a practical standpoint this means that singers are able to worship with their families, as opposed to being in a "choir loft," and from a theological viewpoint, this coming together says that the music is coming out of and is a part of the congregation as a whole.

There also two choral activities for youth. One is the Confirmation Choir and the other is comprised of Sunday School singers. They sing for Sunday services on various occasions.

We welcome anyone interested in contributing to our music ministry and look forward to sharing with you the gift of music within worship. For further information, please contact our director of music, Randy Casey, at

Around the Cross Concert Series

Begun in 1997, the purpose of the AROUND THE CROSS Concert Series at Holy Cross is to supplement the worship life of the congregation. The concert series brings diverse and uplifting musical experiences to all who attend. These concerts are created to entertain, enlighten and bring joy to our growing community.

All performances are held at Holy Cross Lutheran church in Libertyville, Illinois. Admission is free, but donations are accepted. For further information and a schedule of the next concert series, please